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We were founded in Germany more than 60 years ago, and we produced our first potato chips in 1968. Since then, we have grown and developed to become the leader in the salty snack market, and we are currently present in more than 30 countries around the world.

Intersnack, the leading manufacturer of snacks in Europe, formed with Franck d.d. joint venture partnership in 2015. This is how the new company Adria Snack Company d.o.o. was created, dedicated to the development and production of salty snacks. In 2018, Adria Snack Company separated from Franck and became a member of the Intersnack group, and from 19.11. In 2019, it has changed its name to Intersnack Adria d.o.o. with a new headquarters in Hercegovac.

Intersnack CEE

In Central and Eastern Europe, we have business units in 6 countries: Romania, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia and Slovakia. We are proud to be the leading manufacturer of salty snacks in Central and Eastern Europe. We have about 1,500 employees and 5 factories (Brasov, Choustnik, Hradec, Gyor, Hercegovac).

We are proud to point out that Intersnack Adria is today the largest buyer of industrial potatoes in Croatia. We can thank our long-term cooperators from Hercegovac, Donji Miholjec and Međimurje for our success. In addition to security of purchase and a mutual agreement on the purchase price, payment within the agreed terms and support in the realization of long-term investments, we also provide our cooperators with professional trips and regular training on the latest trends and cultivation models in order to achieve the best possible yields and the application of best practices. In order to provide consumers with the best quality chips, during 40 years of partnership, we tested approximately 800 varieties of potatoes with our subcontractors. Thanks to specific local agro-climatic conditions and comprehensive support aimed at long-term improvement of growing conditions, we can proudly say that all the chips we produce in our factory in Hercgovec are 100% domestic products.
Our passion is to enrich people's lives with a carefully selected selection of savory snacks with excellent taste. Every day, more than 15 million consumers around the world enjoy our products.

Intersnack Group

Intersnack Group is managed via regional Management Units covering the group’s operations.
Group functions are carried out at holding level to support the regional Management Units, allowing us to leverage our global expertise into local entrepreneurship.

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Intersnack has a large portfolio of local and international snack brands, from potato chips, nuts, and baked products to specialty snacks.

Our most famous brand names include funny-frisch, Chio, Estrella, Hula Hoops, POM-BÄR, McCoy´s, ültje, Vico, Tayto and Griffin´s.

As a privately owned company, we operate with a long-term view. Intersnack’s strength lies in our unique blend of local knowledge and international expertise; our people and teamwork plus our entrepreneurial spirit and a drive for excellence in everything we do.

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Our culture

Intersnack is active in many markets and has a diverse community of employees, across many countries. But we all share an inclusive culture, driven by teamwork and motivated by excellence.

And we care deeply about the impacts of our actions - on our people, our business and the planet.

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Our global presence

We have 42 production sites:

31 in Europe, 3 in Australia, 3 in New Zealand, 2 in India and 3 in Vietnam