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From international icons to local favourites

Our portfolio includes a vast range of great-tasting savoury snacks - from internationally recognised brands such as Chio, POM-BÄR and Tyrrells to much-loved local snack names in countries across Europe and beyond.

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Chio Logo

Chio is the first German chip brand, created in 1962 by the Von Opel family in Hofgut Petersau. The name Chio was taken from the first letters of the family members: Carlo, Heinz and Irmgard von Opel.

Over the years, Chio has grown into the second largest brand in the Intersnack range. Today, consumers can enjoy a wide range of Chio snacks, including potato chips, tortillas, TipTop, Kroki Kroket, sticks, pretzels, crackers, popcorn and nuts.

Today, Chio is sold in more than 15 European countries and encourages consumers to get together and have carefree fun.

Čipi Čips is the first Croatian potato chip, created in 1977.

Its popularity is due to decades of investment in production and technological capacities, as well as the fact that it is produced from high-quality varieties of 100% Croatian potatoes.

Čipi Čips is always the choice of the best team, and in 2020 it becomes the crunchy choice of Vatreni and a proud member of the Chio family of flavors.


After the first POM-BÄR package was sold in 1987, it became a favorite snack for the whole family. Today, POM-BÄR is one of the leading brands in the segment of family snacks in over 30 countries.

POM-BÄR is a snack in the recognizable shape of a teddy bear. It is characterized by a crunchy texture that easily melts in the mouth and comes in different flavors.

POM-BÄR does not contain gluten, artificial colors and flavor enhancers, is a source of fiber and is suitable for vegetarians.

Nutline Logo

Nutline was created in 1996 in Romania when they launched their first package of sunflower seeds on the market. Today, the Nutline range is present in all countries of Central and Eastern Europe and includes a number of products - from seeds to various nuts.
As a leader in the seed category, its quality makes it easier for consumers to make a purchase decision. Nutline knows how important it is for people to enjoy small joys in the company of friends and family.

Nutline! Feed your smile!